• About the Program

About the Program


The HIGO Program, Kumamoto University Program for Leading Graduate Schools, has started in January 2013. HIGO, the historical name of Kumamoto, is geared towards providing interdisciplinary education that is both research oriented and community based. By creating glocal networks, utilizing glocal resources, we aim to foster new generation understanding glocal needs and developing glocal potentials.

HIGO Program Outlines

1. Aims to foster successful leaders in the field of health life science

HIGO Program provides interdisciplinary education that covers from basic to leading edge scientific research trainings in medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences.

2. Aims to foster successful leaders actively working in the Glocal community

HIGO program provides education for histories, cultures and languages of Japan and Asian countries and aim to foster new generation to understand the glocal needs for health life sciences.

3. Under the collaboration of the university, local administrative agencies and industries

HIGO program provides basic science research trainings, company internships and community workshops.

4. Provides International internship programs

Oversea internship programs will be provided to learn practically the needs of the health service and industry in Asia.

5. Provides Social and Cultural Sciences study programs

HIGO program provide curriculum of social and cultural science educations and visions of Japan and Asian countries and improve their cross-cultural communication skill.

6. Aims to innovate education systems and contribute to the Glocal community


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